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1822 1933 chrysler 360 degree view 3d 60's look a little bit of country a tip of the hat abandoned abstract action addition adult afternoon sun aged airborne always greener on the other side american bald eagle american beauty rose american bittern amish amish corn harvest amish country amish farm amish scene another one bites the dust antique antique car antique farm implement antique store antique wagon apple dryhouse apple trees arch arches architecture aroostook county at the siding atlantic ocean attached shed attack of the swan attitude auto autumn autumn colors baby backlight bank barn bare trees barge barn barn bokeh barn complex barn door barn evergreen tree barn field of sunflowers barn roof barn scene barn silouette barns bashful bashful sunflower basketball hoop bathing baxter state park bay be still beacon beacon feeds beams showing beautiful beauty from within bee bee balm beef on the hoof bees behavorial shot behind bars between batavia and avon bible bicycle bike bird birds birds in flight black black and white black clock black eyed susan black squirrel blackbird bleeding hearts blinker blond mane blossom blossoms blue blue and black blue bike blue bokeh blue heron blue sky blue water blueberries blueberry boardwalk boat bokeh bolder bombay boulders branch branch in mouth branches break wall brettuns pond brick bridge bridle bright sky broken down fence broken ice broken windows brook brown brown and white brown barn brown horse brown markings brush buck buckeye bud buds building building complex building wall buildings built 1800 bumble bee burgundy bus bushes buttercups butterflies butterfly butterfly bush cab cabin cabins calkins and clover call camoflaged camouflage canada geese canada goose canadian goose canal canandaigua lady canandaigua lake canoe cardinal caribou cars cascade catch cattail cattle cemetery center chainlink fence chairs channel character charlotte charlotte genesse lighthouse charlotte ny cheese factory road chester county chevrolet chicory chimney christmas church clarendon falls classic classic bicycle classic bike classic car classic truck classic vehicle classic vehicles cliffs close up closeup clouds cloudy clover street cluster of blossoms clusters coatesville color colored leaves colorful colors columbine combination complex cone flower cones content corbett's glen corn corn field corn harvester corn wagon cornfield country covered bridge covered in ice covered wagon cows creek crooked branch crooked house crop cross buck doors crossbuck cupola currier ives currier ives type currituck currituck beach lighthouse curve custom automotive cut dahlia damaged silo dandelions dark blue dark pink dark pink lupines day lily daylily de dead blue deadwood decay deer delaware design dilapidated dirt drive dirt driveway dirt road disc harrow discarded dismal day display disrepair distant animals do not be anxious doe doe and fawn dof dog door door on red building doors double double barn double rainbow drake driftwood droplet droplets drying drying tobacco duck duckling ducklings ducks dune dune fence dunk durand eastman park eagle eagles early spring east of webster eastern coma eastern tiger swallowtail eat eating egret egrets eight elmwood zoo empire empty trailer evening evergreen evergreen snow evergreen tree evergreen trees evergreens eye face markings faded paint fairport fall fall color fall colors fall foliage fall leaves fallen fallen leaves falling falling down falling in falls family family plot family portrait fan tail fancy cupola farm farm equipment farmer farmhouse fawn feathers female fence fencepost fences field field of corn field of grass field of sunflowers field road fields finch fingerlake area fingerlakes fingerlakes area fingerlakes area fluffy clouds fingerlakes region first day of fishing fish fishermen fishing flag flamingo flatbed flight flip flock flower flowering trees flowers fluffy clouds fluffy couds fluffy sky flying fog folded hands foliage foothills ford foreground brush foursided clock fox frame framed framed barn framed by tree frigid from quill hill frost frosty snow fruit fruit and vegi stand full full bloom fuzzy garage garage type barn gas gas cap gas pumps gas station gate gato milling co geese genesee river gloomy day goats god's mercies going down golden leaves goldenrod goober's goober's crop shop goose gorge gosling goslings gosslings grand canyon of the east grape clusters grapes grapevines grass grass plumes grasses grasses and weeds grasshopper gray gray and white bird gray barn gray silo gray sky gray squirrel gray tractor gray water great blue heron grebe green green barn green doors green field green grass green heron green leaves green roof green roof barn green trees greenhouse look grey grey and white grim reaper ground grove habitat halloween handle hands hanging pots of flowers hay hay rake wheels hay wagon hay wagons hdr head head shot heat lamp heaven's bouquet hector falls hegedorn's heron hibiscus hidden hidden spider hiding behind the trees high highland park hill hills hip roof hip roof barn hippy bus holes in roof holstein holstein cows holsteins homestead homestead barn honey bee horse horse barn horse in open horse's eye horses house humor hunched hurricane force winds hydrangea ice ice house ice in the water ice jam icicles if walls could talk immaculate immature in flight incoming incubating incubating eggs inlet inside inspiration point inspirational iron fence irondequoit irondequoit bay ivy jetty jewelweed jewelweed bee john deere tractor judge road jump junk kelm road kent park arboretum kind owner kingfisher klem road know that i am god ladybug ladybugs lake lake at the top of the mountain lake ontairo lake ontario lake ontiario lake road lake seneca lamb lambs lamentations 32233 lancaster county land landed landing landing swan landscape lansing large stones large trees late afternoon sun late fall laugh launch lavender lavender flowers lawn chairs leading lines leaman's place bridge leaning evergreen leaves leaving nest let me try letchworth letchworth park light light pink light post lightening rods lighthouse lily lily pads lily pond line of trees linwood gardens lionville little church livermore area load load of corn local locomotive look i'm a snowman looking looking for acorns looking out looks like walking on water loosestrife lord is to be praised loving care lunch lupines lying in grass machine shed machinery macro magnolia magnolia blossoms magnolias mailbox maine maine area male male kingfisher mallard mammalacta manure spreader markings maroon marsh mallow maryland mate materials mature md memorial day tribute mendon ponds park metal cupolas metal roof metal siding middle falls milk cans milk wagon milkweed mist mixed siding modern barn mom mom and ducklings monarch monroe county montezuma area montezuma national wildlife refuge montezuma wildlife refuge morning glory morning light morning sun moth moths mountain mountains mouth mt katahdin mt. katahdin multi mustard mute mute swan mute swans name of the lord napping natural fertilizer natural habitat nature nature's bouquet nc near batavia near brook near lake ontario near lake road near lakes near lima near rt. 98 near sunset near webster neck needles nest nest building nesting neutral bokeh new every morning new jersey new york new york. intense weight newly shingled roof nice catch night heron nina's mast no leaves no trespassing sign norristown area north carolina north of fingerlakes north of winterhur northern shoveler northwestern nw of batava ny ob obx ocean odds and ends off rt. 104 off rt. 2 old lady in a bonnet old tractor on alert on post one man's treasure ontario county open open areas open door open field orange orange and black orange butterfly orange flower oranges orchard orchid orchid oriole oriole ornaments osprey other side of the fence out building out buildings outbuilding outbuildings outer banks overgrown owl owl woods oxen pa pa. pasture painted bus pair parent parent's side parrot partial partial crop partial double rainbow pastel pink pastel pink rose pasture pasture scene peaceful peach peach blossoms peanut peek peekaboo pemsylvania pen penfield pennslyvania pennsylvania peonies perch of berries and leaves perched on branch perham pheasant phil. 46 phillips road phoebe pickering valley feed store picket fence pickup picmonkey pine pine tree pinetree pink pink beak pink cone flower pink flamingo pink flowers pink lupines pink peonies pink peony pink water lilies pink water lily pipe pipevine swallowtail pittsford plank road plank road barn plants pollan pond pony poppy port of rochester portland portland head light portland headlight portrait portrait. side postcard falls power powerful prayer warrior present your requests ps. 1133 ps. 4610 pultneyville pumps purple purple finch purple flower purple flowers purple grapes railroad rainbow raindrops raindrops keep falling on my head raining rangeley lakes ray of hope red red and green red and white barn red barn red barn and silo red barn and snow red barn complex red barn rural red barns red covered bridge red door red doors red flowers red fox red hip roof barn red leaves red necked grebe red roof red silo red tulips red weathered barn red winged red winged blackbird redhead ducks reeds reflection reflections reinstein relax relic remote rest resting reversed rhino ringneck ringneck pheasant ripples river road road behind airport rochester rock rock bluff rock wall rocks rocky rocky coast roofs rooftop rose rose and buds roses route 370 rr rr tracks rt 250 rt 98 rt. 2 rt. 250 rt. 286 rt. 322 rt. 34 rt. 370 rt. 404 rt. 441 rt. 65 rt. 89 rt. 98 rt. 98 area rubble runaway team rundown running boards rural rural barn scene rural decay rural scene rural setting rust rustic rustic building rusting rusty rusty roof rusty silo sad to see them go safe and secure sagging roof sailboat sailboats salmon salt road salt road barn sand sand scape savannah saw whet owl scene scenery scenic schlegal road scribner scripture sea gull seagull seed pods seneca lake seneca park zoo sepia tone setting of the sun shade shadow cascade shadows shed sheep shingled silo roof shingles shoveler show bank showing off shutters side of barn side of building sign signs silhouettes silo silo covered in vines silos simple simplicity simplistic single sitting sky slated for demolition slated for demolition webster slats sleep sleeping slightly over the hill small barn small bird small building small falls small red barn smith's bridge smoke stack snow snow covered trees snow fence snow geese snow goose snow on trees snow scene snowcovered snowcovered fence snowy branches snowy egrets snowy owl sodus sodus point sodus point lighthouse south street sow spencerport area spider split bokeh split rail split rail fence split rail fence. pennsylvania spring spring beauty squirrel stable standing star star barn state park station steadfast love steam emitting silo steel wheels stem steps still waters stone stone and white stone and wood barn stone barn stone building weathered wood stone wall stones storm clouds stormy sky stratton stripe strlings studebaker sturdy summer summer day sunflower sunflower barn sunflower field sunflower growing inside another sunflowers sunflowers and barn sunning sunny day sunrise sunset swallowtail swallowtail butterfly swan swans swedsford road swim tail tail light taking off tall tall trees tapestry team teeth tender kisses thank you judy the barn beyond the old homestead the star barn thermometer thistle threatening sky three three beauties three swans tight crop tile silo tinker tinker nature park tiny tire tracks to setting of sun tobacco tobacco barn tobacco field tobacco leaves tobacco plants tongue top of a barn trace of snow tracks tracks in snow trackside tractor trailer tree tree frame tree peonies tree peony tree silhouettes tree trunk tree trunks trees trellis trio truck tulips turkey turquoise twigs twin barns twin silos two two barns two silos two wheel bicycle unique windows united states flag unpainted unusual upper falls upper wolf creek falls upstate upstate new york upstate ny upstate ny new york upstate ny. pink flowers us flag valley forge national historical park vehicle vented barn vents vertical vicinity of batavia victor ny vine vines vineyard vt wagon wagon covered wagon wheel waiting waiting for their load walking wall warning washington's headquarters water water and frigid temperatures water bokeh water channel water droplet water droplets water lilies water lily water on back water rolling off duck's back water splashes waterfall waterfalls wathered waves we have to eat that weathered weathered barn weathered building weathered door weathered farm buildings weathered fence weathered garage weathered paint weathered shingles weathered wood weathered woods webser webster webster ny webster park weed weeds week old week old fawn weeping rose weld west of letchworth park west side western new york western ny western ny. new york whisper white white barn white birch white bleeding hearts white blossoms white buildings white church white cupola white doors white egret white fence white flowers white fluffy clouds white goose white horse white peacock white rock forge bridge white sails white silo white trim white trimmed doors white wildflowers white windows whitewall tires whitewalls wide open wild flower wild flowers wildflowers wildmill wind mill windblown winding drive windmill window windows windy wine barrels winery wing span wings wingspan wingspread winter wire wispy clouds wisteria wolf creek falls wood wood duck wood ducks wooden wooden chairs wooden fence wooden silo woods working team wreath yellow yellow and black yellow and gray yellow and red yellow and red tulips yellow barn yellow barn and garage yellow crowned night heron yellow rose yellow spider yellow stripe yellow swallowtail yellow wildflowers yolk yolked york young young and beautiful young swan zinnias zoo